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Iowa Concrete Leveling's methods of raising and leveling sunken concrete using cementious grout (mudjacking) or expanding polyurethane foam is a fast inexpensive alternative to replacing sunken concrete.

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Welcome To Lift Right Concrete. Concrete that's uneven isn't just unattractive, it also devalues your property and can even be dangerous. From driveways to garage floors and everything in between, it's easy to forget just how much concrete your property has, and most of it is there to keep you and your loved ones safe and comfortable.

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More contractors are turning to foam slab jacking instead of mud jacking to lift driveways, side walks, garage floors, and even airport runways. Powerful Graco foam slab jacking pumps easily fill all underfloor cavities with expanding polyurethane foam, whereas concrete slurry often fails to fill the voids.

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Concrete Raising with polyurethane includes high amounts of back pressure that can back up material into your gun. The current gun design is for spraying foam and not equipped to handle the back pressure The mechanical upgrade is designed to handle back pressure: Avoid downtime from cleaning

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Mr. Level is a concrete leveling service for commercial and residential purposes. Rather than replace your concrete, repairing or leveling concrete can be cost effective and fast. Learn more!

Polyurethane Foam Injection vs Mudjacking

Polyurethane and mudjacking material will both raise concrete yet are VERY different! Traditionally, the mudjacking process has been used to lift concrete. But at Acme Concrete Raising & Repair our Smart Lift System uses the far superior polyurethane foam method for quicker, more efficient concrete raising. We have learned through years of ...

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Concrete raising (otherwise known as slab jacking) is the process of raising concrete that has settled, back to its original height and level. This can eliminate dangerous trip hazards, restore proper drainage and prevent water and ice accumulation. ...

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We are a family owned business and have been involved in supplying ready-mix concrete batching plants and equipment to the industry over the last 25 years. Our experience will help you find the ideal plant to suit your needs.

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Western Concrete Offers polyurethane concrete raising over the Traditional Mud Jacking. If the concrete is not repairable then our estimator will advise you that the best course will be replacing the slab of concrete. Why does Western Concrete Lifting offer Polyurethane Concrete Raising? Polyurethane offers something that mudjacking never could.

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PolyLevel uses high-density polyurethane expanding foam to raise settled concrete in residential and commercial applications. The state-of-the-art polymer injection is a cost-effective, advantageous alternative to mudjacking. PolyLevel has been tested under the toughest conditions by the nation's top structural contractors.

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A highly-advanced polymer foam for raising and lifting concrete & polyjacking. Mudjacking Alternative. See concrete leveling products by Alchemy Polymers. A highly-advanced polymer foam for raising and lifting concrete & polyjacking. Mudjacking Alternative. ... Concrete Slab Jacking With Polyurethane Foam – How Strong is Strong Enough? Deep ...

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Heroes Raising Concrete takes the original concept of mud jacking and combines it with modern knowledge and technology using polyurethane foam. In 3 easy steps, your concrete is raised, leveled, and stabilized. Call us today at 832-526-8618 or email us for a FREE estimate. We proudly serve Katy, Richmond, Rosenberg, Sugar Land, Cypress, Tomball ...

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Polyurethane Foam Jacking. Foam Jacking, similar to Mudjacking is performed by drilling 5/8″ holes through the surface of the concrete slab. A high-density polyurethane foam is then injected beneath the surface where it expands and hardens to lift slabs and fill voids. The expanded foam is very strong and long lasting.

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Polyseal uses small, 5/8" (dime-size) drill holes to complete our concrete raising projects. Lightweight Polyurethane foam is a light weight material compared to traditional mudjacking slurry (2-6 pounds of polyurethane foam vs. 100-130 pounds of mud slurry).

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May 17, 2016 · Polyurethane Foam. Polyurethane foam injection uses a closed cell polymer foam to lift concrete slabs. This is important because unlike an open-cell foam (e.g. a sponge) a closed-cell foam the gas pockets are sealed from each other and prevents water from being soaked up. The foam, which is a two-part poly, is injected through a hole about the ...

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Raise-Rite Concrete Lifting is committed to providing top quality services to homeowners, schools, churches, municipalities, property managers, and has a broad commercial base. More about Concrete Slabjacking. Polyurethane Foam Jacking Foam jacking is also available as a concrete lifting alternative.

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Concrete Corrections is a concrete slab raising and foundation stabilization company located in Georgia, with a focus on innovative solutions for challenging soil and site conditions. Offering a multitude of polyurethane services for commercial and residential clients, Concrete Corrections provides a foundation to build on through strong ...

What is Polyurethane

HMI polyurethane concrete raising foam material is the only foam made with over 40% recycled materials. Learn why it's the best, or call: 1-800-626-2464

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Foam leveling centers around injecting polyurethane foam into your foundation. This foam is pushed under the slab at higher pressure rates than the concrete used in mudjacking, and expands to become a structural foam that helps to lift your foundation. The result is a variety of benefits for your foundation.

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At Acme Concrete Raising & Repair we only use polyurethane foam injection to level and raise concrete throughout the Chicago area. We specialize in the concrete foam jacking method because it is proven to be faster, cleaner, cheaper and longer-lasting.

The HMI Polyurethane Foam Difference

material. HMI manufactures an environmentally friendly, dual component polyurethane foam for raising and stabilizing concrete. Our patented materials (U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. 61/583,295) are made from recycled components, making it the “greenest” polyurethane foam on the market. Available in 2, 4, 5 and 6 lbs. per cubic foot ...

Polyurethane Concrete Lifting

Servicing the greater Madison, Wisconsin, Concrete Lifting Technologies is determined in offering you a cost-effective solution to raise your concrete instead of replacing your damaged concrete. By using polyurethane injection foam, we can raise your concrete to provide a sturdy, permanent solution to sinking concrete.

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BENEFITS OF POLYURETHANE CONCRETE RAISING VS. MUDJACKING. Polyurethane concrete raising consists of an environmentally safe liquid polymer foam that is injected through penny-size holes in the concrete and into the loose, unstable soils below. Through a chemical reaction, the high density foam expands to stabilize the loose soils and lift the ...

Why Polyurethane?

Cost effective compared to concrete replacement, this high density polyurethane foam has quick cure time, is hydrophobic, provides a moisture barrier, lightweight, and uses 5/8” injection holes. With a material for any application, we are leading the concrete raising industry with this revolutionary new polyurethane application.

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Raise-Rite Concrete Lifting is one of the few companies to offer both slabjacking and polyurethane foam lifting options. Both methods accomplish the same results, our experienced estimators can inform you of the best application for your concrete lifting needs. Material Mudjacking utilizes a sand-cement grout comprised of Portland cement and baseball sand. The grout is …

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Successfully start and manage a new concrete raising business and trip hazard removal business. Profitably use one-person polyurethane concrete lifting equipment. Profitably use mudjacking equipment. Market a new concrete lifting service and trip hazard removal to the residential, commercial, and local government markets.

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A Quicker, More Cost Effective Choice: When compared to concrete replacement, the process of lifting concrete with polyurethane foam is typically about half the cost. It is also exponentially faster than replacing concrete. Repaired areas are ready within minutes to be utilized as they were intended.

Polyurethane Foam Concrete Lifting and Leveling

Polyurethane concrete raising achieves the same results as traditional mudjacking, but with a lightweight material that requires smaller and fewer injection holes. Also known as foam lifting, polyurethane concrete raising is the latest and greatest concrete repair method available. Cost-effective

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Concrete raising is typically half the cost of replacing your concrete slab. While polyurethane material is more expensive than mudjacking material, the smaller hole size, lighter material weight and fewer injection holes make the investment in polyurethane well worth it.

Concrete Leveling

Polyjacking - This concrete leveling procedure is closely related to slabjacking but for the fact that the drilled holes are much smaller and the pumped-in material is a type of closed cell polymer foam that fills all available open space below the ground before beginning to press the concrete upwards.

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Polyurethane concrete raising drills a nearly invisible 5/8 inch hole. ... Compared to traditional Mud-jacking material weights on average 100 lbs per cubic foot. Green. HMI poly foam is a top-of-the-line material, designed specifically for different concrete applications, it allows us to easily adjust our approach to your needs.

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Concrete Raising: We use a new technology developed and used by HMI. This system requires minimal disruption as it takes less time than traditional concrete mudjacking. Polyurethane also weighs less than traditional mudjacking, approximately 2 pounds per cubic foot versus mudjacking material at 100 pounds.

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CRC CONCRETE RAISING & REPAIR PROVIDES THE LONGEST LASTING CONCRETE RAISING RESULTS AND THE BEST WARRANTY IN THE INDUSTRY. Our state-of-the-art equipment, including our volumetric mixer, produces consistent, calibrated cement-based slurry (concrete) that is impervious to water and is, therefore, the most permanent fix for the settled concrete.

Lifting Slabs with Polyurethane

Polyurethane foam concrete repair can generate up to three times the ROI as mudjacking. With the polyurethane concrete repair process, a trailer and material can be stored in a residential garage and a lifting contractor can work in a polo shirt and slacks versus overalls.

Polyurethane Concrete Raising Vs Mudjacking

You’ll be able to use your concrete almost immediately after repairs are complete. More Versatile. Polyurethane concrete raising can be used for a wide variety of applications. While mudjacking can be used for leveling driveways or sidewalks, polyurethane foam can level driveways, sidewalks, concrete floors, and even public highways. Lighter

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We use polyurethane foam to raise and level concrete. We specialize in concrete driveway repair, concrete step repair, concrete sidewalk repair, concrete patio repair, and concrete pool deck repair, at a tremendous cost savings to you.

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We guarantee all of our concrete lifting, leveling and raising services. We use polyurethane foam to lift sunken concrete – an environmentally friendly alternative to mudjacking slurry; Poly foam creates less mess, less cleanup and does not wear out when it comes in contact with moisture.

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There will be more holes of a larger size with mudjacking. In slab jacking, lightweight polyurethane foam is injected through the holes to fill in and lift the concrete. In mudjacking, the mixture of clay, sand and sometimes cement is used and is much heavier and may cause further sinkage. ... HMI’s Dual Component Polyurethane Foam and its ...


MUDJACKING VS POLY. There has been quite a bit of “buzz” about polyurethane foam otherwise known as Poly lifting/jacking/leveling as a substitute for cementitious grout generally pumped with original traditional mudjacking. Before you jump on that bandwagon, we would like to share some vital information about polyurethane foam that should ...

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While polyurethane foam jacking is suitable for most concrete raising or stabilizing projects, there are some situations that are better for foam injection than others. Heavy slabs: Polyurethane foam has the ability to spread under large areas before expanding and a high expansion force, which allows it to easily lift heavier slabs. Bridge ...

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